Current Openings:

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IT Technical Recruiter: ITvisionZ is looking for IT Technical Recruiters for the position’s based in INDIA. This is a great opportunity for you to combine your technical sales expertise with your entrepreneurial spirit to help us build a lucrative business unit within our global corporate organization. Our generous base-plus-commission…

Business Development Managers:  ITvisionZ  is looking for Business Development Managers for the position based in Somerset, NJ. This is a great opportunity for you to combine your technical sales expertise with your entrepreneurial spirit to help us build a lucrative business unit.

Our Values:

Superior Services and Customer Focus. We are committed to deliver quality products that meet you needs. Our goal is to be a preferred provider based on our performance, our ethics and integrity, and our unique ability to continually bring value to your business. We value, actively seek, and are responsive to our customers’ input and feedback. Internally, we work together to achieve the operational excellence this requires.

Trust and Respect: Our business is Professional Services. To earn, maintain, and nurture the confidence of those with whom we work, we keep our word and honor our commitments.

Open Communication Flow. We seek open and honest communication with our customers, our partners, and our employees. We welcome new ideas and value them on the basis of merit, not position or level. We encourage feed back, we listen carefully, and provide timely, relevant information so our clients are informed and able to make roper decisions. check out this site

Diversity This is integral to our values. It strengthens our organization and contributes to our competitiveness. It allows us to take advantage of different points of view, richness of ideas, approaches and points of view that it enables.

Informal, Fun, and Rewarding Environment We strive to create an environment where people enjoy coming to work every day. We use a minimum of guidelines and procedures — those required of us as a reputable company and those needed to ensure our effective operation. We ask that everyone contribute their ideas, knowledge and efforts to achieve our goals and sustain our unique culture. We place a major emphasis on working hard, working together, and sharing rewards. Happy employees means happy customers, win-win situation for everyone

Our People:

Exceptional People Our goal is to recruit and retain people who are the best at what they do — people who are motivated to achieve results, have high standards of quality and integrity, possess a flexible, entrepreneurial spirit, and want to develop to their full potential.

Teamwork and Collaboration: We understand the value and challenge of working in teams, and we respect and encourage intellectual honesty and participation. However, working in teams requires flexibility, appreciation and respect for others’ views, courage to provide ideas and feedback, as well as the ability to make timely decisions and take responsibility for the outcome.

Delegation and Accountability: Also important part just as teamwork. We delegate appropriately and expect that those who know the work best will make sound, timely decisions, explain the decision rationale to those involved and affected, and be accountable for the outcome.

Open, Direct Communication As projects come along, sometimes differences and misunderstandings happen. We seek open and honest communication with our customers and team members, so any issues can be identified before they need to be escalated, and we strive towards proactive approaches rather than corrective ones. And the only way to achieve this is through open direct communication